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Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2020

Vít Dostál Vít Dostál / Ed. 15. 11. 2021
Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2020

Czech foreign policy has long been one of the main areas of interest of the Association for International Affairs (AMO). This year you can read what is already the fourteenth edition of the Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy (first published in 2007).

The annual publication of the Association for International Affairs (AMO) traditionally aims to analyse and evaluate the Czech Republic’s foreign policy in the past twelve months from an expert and normative point of view and to provide its creators and actors with feedback and recommendations for its fu ture direction. However, the publication is not only intended for them – as a comprehensive overview of foreign policy events in the past year; it can also be a valuable resource for members of the expert community, journalists, students of international relations and interested members of the general public.

It is evident that the near-term fu ture of international relations will be fundamentally affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which naturally frames many chapters in this year’s edition of the Agenda. Structure of the publication has undergone several changes compared to last year. It still contains chapters dedicated to specifi c regions of the world and the Czech foreign policy actions in them. This year, we decided to include a chapter on Czech policy in Africa. In addition, this time the Agenda also includes thematically focused parts. In them, we want to draw attention to issues that we consider important for Czech foreign policy: the upcoming Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU, EU enlargement and the Czech Republic’s climate policy. The introductory chapter provides a general overview of the current situation in international politics and the role of the Czech Republic within it.


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Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2020
Vít Dostál, Pavlína Janebová, Pavel Havlíček, Alžběta Bajerová, Vojtěch Bahenský, Petr Boháček, Michal Bokša, Romana J. Březovská, Zuzana Šimek, Roksolana Dryndak, Anna Jordanová, Tomáš Jungwirth Březovský, Vendula Kazlauskas, Magda Komínková, Kryštof Kruliš, Josef Kučera, Jakub Kufčák, Karolína Lahučká, Michal Lebduška, Martin Abel, Vilém Řehák, Tereza Soušková, Iva Merheim-Eyre, Filip Šebok Download
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Czech foreign policy 249
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