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First workshop of the Beyond Gas project took place in Budapest

AMO AMO / Ed. 17. 1. 2019

The ‘Beyond gas - Energy security issues in the V4 after 2020 project’ hold its mid-term workshop on 14 September 2018 in Budapest. The aim of the project is to elaborate an initial assessment of a new security of supply concept and its application on the V4 region (with a possibility of extending it to neighbouring countries) in the post 2020 period.

In the first part of the workshop, the mid-term results of the research have been presented. In the second part of the event the invited governmental representatives, industry experts and think tank researchers from Visegrad countries openly discussed the listed future energy security issues.

The main aim of the project workshop was two-fold. First, participants prioritized the list of issues where the V4 countries will face energy security challenges between 2020 and 2030 based on the Draft Country Reports and the interviews conducted with the main stakeholder. Secondly, participants came up with those ones, where coordinated V4 actions could be the most efficient or the most desired solution.

Some of the most important issues selected by the participants: the region is still not beyond gas in term of energy security; increasing need for flexible generation capacities due to the coexistence of renewable energy sources and nuclear energy; diversification among new pipeline projects; the future of coal. Among other things, these issues will be the main topics of further cooperation.

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