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Energy security of the V4 countries: How do energy relations change in Europe

Petr Binhack Petr Binhack / Ed. 4. 3. 2016

The publication is a result of a project initiated by the Kosciuszko Institute that aims at examining and comparing energy security of the V4 countries. In the presented publication experts from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary analyze the issue basing on the Energy Security Index, indicate problems and challenges for national energy policies and provide further recommendations in the field of crude oil, liquid fuels and natural gas. Additionally, the study includes an assessment of the V4 countries energy cooperation and the future prospects for shale gas exploitation in the region.

Authors of the publication are:

Pál Kovács – Deputy State Secretary for Energy Affairs, Deputy State Secretariat for Energy Affairs, Ministry of National Development (Hungary)

Krzysztof Szczerski – Ph.D. in Humanities, political scientist, lecturer at the JagiellonianUniversity, advisor in the European Parliament. He is a Research Fellow at the Kosciuszko Institute, for the period 2007-2008 Undersecretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Minister in the Office of the Committee for European Integration. In the years 2009-2010 member of the Civil Service Council (Poland).

Petr Binhack – expert of the Association for International Affairs (Czech Republic)

Melinda Farkas and Endre Szolnoki – experts of the Szazadveg Economic Research Ltd.(Hungary)

Jakub Jaroš – expert of the Prague Security Studies Institute (Czech Republic)

Peter Ševce – expert of the Slovak Atlantic Commission (Slovakia)

Mariusz Ruszel, Piotr Szlagowski – experts of the Kosciuszko Institute (Poland)

Maciej Kołaczkowski – employed at Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Poland)

The publication is co-financed by the International Visegrad Fund.

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