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‘Beyond gas’ – energy security issues in the V4 after 2020

Adéla Denková Adéla Denková / Ed. 17. 1. 2019

Adéla Denková and Anna Jordanová authored the Czech part of the final study of the "V4 Beyond Gas - Energy security issues in the V4 after 2020" international research project.

The aim of the paper is to elaborate the energy security challenges for the V4 region (with a possibility of extending it to neighboring countries) in the post 2020 period. This period is selected on purpose, as by that time the number of regional priority gas infrastructure projects are to be implemented which might shift the focus of supply security related regional energy discussions from gas to electricity and renewables. The paper is based on the stakeholder interviews, a workshop discussion and on the research done by the project partners. The outcome is the short list of key challenges shaping the energy future of the region which could help shaping post-2020 EU financing for regional energy projects.

The publication has been supported by the International Visegrad Fund.


‘Beyond gas’ – energy security issues in the V4 after 2020
Adéla Denková, Anna Jordanová Download
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