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MapInfluenCE project launches a new website

Filip Šebok Filip Šebok / Ed. 7. 5. 2021
MapInfluenCE project launches a new website
photo AMO

The MapInfluenCE project has launched a brand-new website. You can now read all the analysis from the multinational team of analysts in a more accessible and user-friendly way. On the new

On the new website, we are putting more emphasis on the growing array of topics that MapInfluenCE focuses on, spanning from Chinese propaganda and disinformation to the interplay between China and Russia in Central Europe. All the data-driven research that the project has undertaken can be now found in the data analysis section. Moreover, the new website will also more prominently highlight our excellent analysts from the V4 countries, including their media appearances and other outputs.

The MapInfluenCE project focuses on both China and Russia’s influence in Central Europe, specifically within the Visegrad nations of Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. The comparative nature of the project enables identification of the strategies and tactics employed by China and Russia and discern the convergences and divergences in their respective approaches.

China 389
Russia 197
propaganda 67
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