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Women’s Network meeting with Canadian Ambassador Ayesha Patricia Rekhi

Vendula Kazlauskas Vendula Kazlauskas / Ed. 19. 1. 2023
Women's Network meeting with Canadian Ambassador Ayesha Patricia Rekhi

On 31 March, members of the Network of Women in Czech Foreign Policy discussed Canadian feminist foreign policy and other topics with HE Ayesha Patricia Rekhi, Ambassador of Canada to the Czech Republic.

It was the first meeting in 2022 of the network, which is organized by AMO in cooperation with the Prague office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

Ambassador Rekhi has been working in Prague since 2019 and focuses, among other things, on promoting human rights issues and strengthening multilateralism in international politics. Thus, she spoke to the participants about Canada’s position as a middle power in international relations, the importance of engaging female professionals in foreign and security policy as well as about peace negotiations, and the steps Canada is taking to protect the climate.

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