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Visegrad Summer School celebrated its 15th anniversary

AMO AMO / Ed. 10. 8. 2016
Visegrad Summer School celebrated its 15th anniversary

Between July 3 - 16, a jubillee 15th edition of the Visegrad Summer School took place in the Polish city of Cracow, this time focused on the topic of "Creativity. Innovation. Synergy".

Within the busy two-week schedule, 43 participants from the Visegrad Group countries, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Germany, Latvia and Macedonia had a unique opportunity to meet a range of distinguished guests. The students were approached by, among others, former Ukrainian minister of foreign affairs Borys Tarasyuk, professor Andrea Petö from the Central European University in Budapest, MEP Luděk Niedermayer or professor Felix Kaputu from the Republic of Kongo.

This year’s anniversary edition was enriched by a number of special cultural events such as a concert performed by Hungarian artists Judit Rajk and László Borbély and a special screening of the Oscar winning Hungarian film “Son of Saul” followed by discussion with the artistic director of production – László Rajk.

During the summer school, AMO Research Fellow Kryštof Kruliš gave a lecture dealing with the internal market among the V4 countries.

The whole program of the 15th edition of VSS can be found here.

The project is realized by the Villa Decius Association in cooperation with AMO, the city of Cracow and other partners from the V4 countries and Ukraine and kindly supported by the International Visegrad Fund, the Malopolska Region, the National Bank of Poland and other donors.

Czech Republic 606
Europe 665
Hungary 95
Poland 248
Slovakia 117
Visegrad Group 260
development of civil society 55
education 109
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