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Resilience Unveiled: Shaping the Future of Central Europe

Vendula Kazlauskas Vendula Kazlauskas / Ed. 22. 5. 2024
Resilience Unveiled: Shaping the Future of Central Europe

Vendula Kazlasukas is an author of the chapter "CZ PRES 2022: Czechs Surprised Europe and Themselves. Can Czechia Capitalise on Its Potential?" at the joint publication "Resilience Unveiled: Shaping the Future of Central Europe" of the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, TOPAZ, and the Political Academy of the Austrian People’s Party.

The Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU in the second half of 2022 was very positively evaluated. The Czech diplomatic service has built a strong reputation that Czechia should maintain and leverage to advance its interests in the European Union (EU). One objective is to
build a robust portfolio in the European Commission after the 2024 elections. Euro 7 exemplifies a situation in which Czechia effectively advocated for its position in EU legislation, benefiting from the expertise of the Presidency.

On other issues, however, the Czechs do not seem to be as ambitious. For example, the Czechs are taking a back seat in the current debate on the EU internal reforms, although they strongly support the enlargement of the EU to Ukraine and other countries. The Czech political representation should enhance its proactive and constructive approach to EU affairs, while also improving communication about the EU to domestic audiences.

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