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Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2022

Pavlína Janebová Pavlína Janebová / Ed. 20. 9. 2022
Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2022

The 16th edition of the Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy published by AMO provides an analysis of the foreign policy of the Czech Republic in the past 12 months, assessment of its five key thematic and territorial areas and recommendations for the future.

In 2022, in parallel with the consequences of the pandemic on economies, supply chains and public health, war in the most literal and abhorrent sense of the word has returned to Europe. For months, Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has been defining a major part of the foreign policy agenda of the countries of the West, simultaneously exacerbating some of the previously existing issues, like economic recession and rising energy prices, and consuming time and resources needed to tackle them.

In this grave international context, the Czech Republic managed to take a clear and decisive stand, overcoming the somewhat inward looking tendencies of the previous governments’ foreign policies and acting as a responsible member of the international community.

In the six chapters of this year’s Agenda, the authors focus on the biggest challenges that lie ahead of the Czech foreign policy in the coming months when it comes to the engagement in Eastern Europe, the future of Central European cooperation, security and defence policy, climate and energy policy, but also the increasingly important region of the Indo-Pacific.

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Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2022
Pavlína Janebová, Vojtěch Bahenský, Alžběta Bajerová, Petr Boháček, Michal Bokša, Vít Dostál, Pavel Havlíček, Romana J. Březovská, Filip Šebok Download
CZ PRES 2022 8
Czech European policy 141
Czech Republic 598
Czech foreign policy 225
Czech security policy 67
Europe 652
European Parliament 25
European Union 370
Germany 79
Hungary 93
Poland 237
Russia 194
Slovakia 109
USA 124
Ukraine 181
United Kingdom 21
Visegrad Group 257
digital economy 24
economy 153
energy 42
environment 25
human rights 45
hybrid threats 6
international security 285
international trade 74
propaganda 66
war in Ukraine 61
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