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Czech – Polish Cooperation on the Cusp of New Horizons: Reinvigorated Partnership in Eastern Europe

Pavel Havlíček Pavel Havlíček / Ed. 2. 2. 2024
Czech – Polish Cooperation on the Cusp of New Horizons: Reinvigorated Partnership in Eastern Europe
Zdroj: Shutterstock; autor: alexfan32

The publication presents a case for the renewed Czech-Polish cooperation in Eastern Europe, which stems from the new situation of a changed government in Poland, which can motivate both actors to do things together more and better. The authors selected five priority policy areas, which require the attention of policy- and decision-makers as well as of the political class to make the best use of this opportunity.

Both countries are not only like-minded when it comes to developments in Eastern Europe, but also long-term well-engaged and relatively well-informed about developments in the wider region of Eurasia, despite many things rapidly changing against the backdrop of the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine and other of its neighbours.

The five areas of new potential cooperation include some of the existing issues such as security or energy as well as new items on the agenda, including the future of the European Union, which is closely connected to the enlargement and the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. Apart from that, Poland and Czechia should have a more decisive voice on the future of EU’s relations with Russia and also the Eastern Partnership, to which both actively contributed over the past 14 years.

The publication was supported by the Czech-Polish Forum of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.



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