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An appeal for the establishment of a Czech policy towards the region of Central and Eastern Europe

Vít Dostál Vít Dostál / Ed. 18. 10. 2022
An appeal for the establishment of a Czech policy towards the region of Central and Eastern Europe

Czech foreign policy so far lacks any deeper conceptual thinking about the broader Central and Eastern European (CEE) region, which together includes the Baltic States, the Visegrad Group countries, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia.

However, the CEE region deserves a targeted policy today. Firstly, with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the security environment in Eastern Europe has deteriorated, requiring the cooperation of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Secondly, CEE is a region with great potential for economic growth. The Czech Republic should thus conceive of Central and Eastern Europe as its natural economic area offering the export-oriented economy potential for further expansion. Thirdly, is it necessary the infrastructure interconnection in the region needs to be improved. Fourthly, the key issue is the political stability in the region. The decline of the rule of law, corruption, state-capture or the weakness of public institutions are phenomena that several countries in the region are facing or have faced.

This policy paper focuses on these four areas, firstly assessing the state of play, and secondly, proposing steps that the Czech foreign policy could take.


Czech European policy 150
Czech Republic 605
Czech foreign policy 254
Czech security policy 73
Europe 662
European Union 378
Poland 244
Visegrad Group 260
human rights 46
hybrid threats 7
international security 286
propaganda 67
rule of law 1
war in Ukraine 68
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