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The Belt and Road Initiative: Visegrad Four’s Chinese dilemma

Ivana Karásková Ivana Karásková / Ed. 24. 3. 2018

Ivana Karásková comments for EurActiv.com on the Chinese foreign economic actvities.

Ivana Karásková, a research fellow at Association for International Affairs (AMO), a Prague-based think tank, said the initiative’s main aim is to export Chinese overproduction overseas.

“The New Silk Road is just an umbrella for Chinese activities in Europe, Asia and Africa and does not have any concrete features,” Karásková told EURACTIV adding that it is hard for regional stakeholders to imagine anything particular under the BRI. AMO has launched a website, Chinfluence, dedicated to analysing the Chinese impact in the region.

Original source: The Belt and Road Initiative: Visegrad Four’s Chinese dilemma

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