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Chinese Investment in Hungary: Few results but great expectations

Tamas Matura Tamas Matura / Ed. 9. 2. 2018

Read Tamás Matura's article on Chinese investments in Hungary.

Hungary was one of the forerunners in Central Europe in renewing its relations with China in the early 2000’s. The Orbán government has elevated political relations with Beijing to new heights, and the ‘Opening to the East’ policy of Hungary has aimed at forging better trade and investment relations with China since 2010. Despite all the efforts, however, expectations regarding the potential tsunami of Chinese investment have not been met, and the country has not received any new, major Chinese investors in the last seven years. Still, the government regards China as an important partner, but political calculations may play a more significant role than economic interests.

Read the article in full here.

Original source: Chinese Investment in Hungary: Few results but great expectations

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