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AMO concludes a partnership with the Kosciuszko Institute

AMO AMO / Ed. 5. 1. 2022
AMO concludes a partnership with the Kosciuszko Institute

Disinformation, information operations and hybrid threats continue to present a prominent threat to the Central and Eastern European region. In response to these increasing challenges, unity between and action among civil society organisations and experts on the underlying issues are vital for building societal resilience. In particular, cross-border information sharing and offering of lessons to counterparts across regional divides constitutes an important factor.

As such, AMO is proud to announce a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Kosciuszko Institute concluded on behalf of AMO’s China-focused projects – MapInluenCE and CHOICE (China Observers in Central and Eastern Europe). The agreement will work
toward establishing a framework cooperation in the fields of disinformation-related research and information campaigns, and assistance in outreach activities related to these pertinent topics.

The Kosciuszko Institute is a leading non-governmental and non-profit think tank and research institute based in Krakow, Poland. With a proven track-record of research on various multifaceted issues of security, the Kosciuszko Institute is also the originator and organizer of the European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC, an annual conference dedicated to the strategic aspects of cyberspace.

The new cooperative agreement concerning AMO projects MapInfluenCE and CHOICE and Kosciuszko Institute will serve as a firm foundation for collaboration on the key focus issues, including joint projects and activities on propaganda and disinformation coming from
state actors, such as China and Russia. More information on our new partner and their important work is available here.

The MapInfluenCE project focuses on both China and Russia’s influence in Central Europe, specifically within the Visegrád nations of Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. The comparative nature of the project enables identification of the strategies and tactics employed by China and Russia and discern the convergences and divergences in their respective approaches. Follow MapInfluenCE’s outputs on the website and Twitter.

CHOICE represents a unique platform for discussion, information sharing, best practices and collaboration for experts on China monitoring and evaluating Chinese activity in Central and Eastern Europe. Follow CHOICE and its activities on the website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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