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Ukrainian teachers learned more about inclusion and pedagogical-psychological counseling

AMO AMO / Ed. 12. 8. 2018
Ukrainian teachers learned more about inclusion and pedagogical-psychological counseling

In mid-October, a series of events focusing on inclusive education took place in Ukraine.

On October 10, 2017, a round table “Barriers to Inclusion” took place at the The National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine. Its guests were the representatives of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education, expert communities, and participants of study trips to the Czech Republic focusing on various aspects of inclusion. After the Ukrainian experts in groups identified the most burdensome barriers, Lenka Gulová, the head of the Department of Social Education, Masaryk University, took the floor and compared the findings with Czech environment as well as she shared her experience with their remedy.

Information on the event can be found on the website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education.

On October 9-11, 2017, Czech experts in Ukraine organized three seminars on the role of pedagogical and psychological counseling as a prerequisite for successful implementation of inclusion in schools. The seminars featured Denisa Denglerová, who is a counselor at both academic and clinical levels, and Radim Šíp, who drew the participants to the concept of a democratic school.

On October 12, 2017, two seminars took place at the State Pedagogical University of Pereyaslav Chmelnice. The dean of the Pedagogical Faculty of PHDPU, Natalia Ignatenko, presented the study program “Inclusive Worker”, which was designed and prepared for accreditation in cooperation with Czech experts. In the afternoon part, Markéta Sedláková of the Department of Social Education led a seminar “On the Way to Inclusion” for the students of the university and the students of the last year of the secondary school she had acquainted. Simultaneously, the head of the department, Lenka Gulová, discussed with university lecturers the outcomes of the round table on inclusion barriers and education of students of pedagogical disciplines for current practice.

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