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From Democracy Defenders to Foreign Agents?

AMO AMO / Ed. 29. 10. 2018

This publication was compiled as a part of the project "Countering disinformation in the V4 and the Balkan region: Mapping needs, building capacity, and generating civic activism".

This project led by Slovak NGO Globsec aims to increase communication and outreach capacities of civil society organisations that focus on countering disinformation, supporting media literacy and increasing public awareness of crucial topics leading to a more active civil society. To do so, the eight partner organisations conducted interviews with at least three other civil society organisations to identify their key obstacles and needs in this respect.

The project has been supported by the U.S. Department of State.


Czech Republic 605
Hungary 95
Poland 244
Slovakia 116
Visegrad Group 260
Western Balkans 22
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