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AMO held a discussion on disinformation at the Lviv Media Forum

AMO AMO / Ed. 17. 7. 2017
AMO held a discussion on disinformation at the Lviv Media Forum

At the end of May 2017, AMO organized a discussion called "Disinformation, Populism vs. Factchecking" at the Lviv Media Forum.

The panel, which was chaired by the prominent Ukrainian media analyst, Natalia Ligachova, was attended by the expert on factcheking, Aleksandr Gorokhovsky, the spokesperson of the European Delegation in Ukraine, David Stulik, and political scientist, Konstantin Batozskiy. Their topic of discussion was how to deal with disinformation and populism.

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At the Forum, AMO also presented its project focusing on factchecking called “Strengthening the Public Scrutiny in Ukrainian Regions” as well as the newly published brochure “Factchecking as a Trend in Investigative Journalism: Opportunities and Perspectives,” edited by the Ukrainian Project Coordinator Aleksandr Gorokhovsky.

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