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AMO launches a new project focusing on the NATO issues in education

AMO AMO / Ed. 17. 8. 2018
AMO launches a new project focusing on the NATO issues in education

NATO is perceived as an essential guarantor of security for the member states and their citizens. However, the success and future of this organization are dependent on the citizens understanding of the critical role of it in their security. While the overall support of NATO is still high, knowledge of the organization and its competencies are different among the countries and often inadequate, which can have a negative effect on the perception of it.

The main objective of this project is in cooperation with the high school teachers to enhance the knowledge of NATO between the successor generation. The project should show the new ways how to teach about NATO and its importance for the Czech Republic in the context of the security as well as the values the member states share.

Ten seminars for the teachers across the Czech Republic and the creation of the educational materials for teachers and students are included in the project.

The project is part of the international campaign #WeAreNATO funded by the NATO. The project is in collaboration with the Civic Teachers Association “Občankáři”.

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