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Czech-Hungarian relations: Diverging interests of honorary neighbours

Pavlína Janebová Pavlína Janebová / Ed. 29. 9. 2023
Czech-Hungarian relations: Diverging interests of honorary neighbours

Hungary’s foreign policy has been at odds with the mainstream of the European Union for about a decade. With the Russian war in Ukraine, the differences between Hungary and the rest of the Union not only in terms of strategic views on international relations, but also the boundaries of acceptable behaviour among allies have been fully laid bare.

With special emphasis on the the consequences for Czech policy in Central Europe and the EU, this policy brief summarises the main principles on which Hungarian foreign policy is based.

Further, it delineates possible developments following the result of the upcoming parliamentary elections in Poland and Slovakia, which might significantly alter the dynamics of the cooperation in Central Europe, as well as possible shifts in the power distribution among different political streams in the European Council and the results of the European Parliament elections in June 2024.

The publication was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.


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