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Both leading presidential candidates hawkish on Iran

AMO AMO / Ed. 15. 12. 2015

Jan Fischer and Milos Zeman, who top polls, are in favor of military strike against Iran if diplomacy fails

Prague – Both leading candidates for the presidential election to be held in January 2013, former prime ministers Jan Fischer and Milos Zeman, share a quite hardline stance on the issue of Iran’s nuclear program.

On Tuesday, Fischer and Zeman took part in a debate on foreign policy organized by the International Affairs Association (AMO).

Two other candidates, Premysl Sobotka and Jiri Dienstbier, also participated in the debate. Sobotka is nominated as presidential candidate by the ruling Civic Democratic Party (ODS), Dienstbier by the opposition Social Democratic Party (CSSD).

The debate took place amid the US presidential elections, and the participants were asked about their preferences. While Sobotka said he rooted for Governor Romney, the other three candidates preferred President Obama.

Both leading candidates also spoke about the issue of Iran’s nuclear program, which is one of the biggest challenges waiting for newly reelected President Obama.

autor: Tereza Sidlova

Original source: Both leading presidential candidates hawkish on Iran

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