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V4 Cooperation in Ensuring Cyber Security – Analysis and Recommendations

Tomáš Rezek / Ed. 4. 3. 2016

The V4 Cooperation in Ensuring Cyber Security – Analysis and Recommendations publication is a result of a project initiated by the Kosciuszko Institute and was prepared in cooperation with the Association for International Affairs from the Czech Republic, the Slovak Atlantic Commission from Slovakia, Századvég Economic Research Ltd. from Hungary and Kaspersky Lab. It is aimed at conducting scrutiny of the state of cyber security in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, and at presenting recommendations that serve its reinforcement. Moreover, the publication includes the most important information on cyber space protection and a review of the actions in that area which are undertaken within NATO and the EU. It also constitutes a valuable material for the decision-makers who, on the basis of the presented analysis, have an opportunity to build proper political solutions.

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