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Association for International Affairs

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AMO in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy Prague and the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art organizes the U.S. presidential debate simulation with a participation of selected high school students. The debate will be complemented with a panel of experts dealing with campaigns and  U.S. presidential elections. The event in Prague is open to public.

The debate will take place just one day before this year’s U.S. presidential elections with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump running for presidency.

Opening remarks:

  • H.E. Andrew H. Schapiro, U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic


  • Silvie Lauder, Contributing Editor, Respekt
  • Anna Shavit, Head, Department of Marketing Communication and PR, Charles University in Prague
  • Tomáš Klvaňa, Visiting Professor, New York University Prague


  • Daniel Lošťák, AMO

Selected high school students will be representing the GOP or the Democratic Party. Participants will be expected to behave and argue within the reasonable limits characteristic for “their” party about selected topics such as the U.S. domestic, foreign and economic policy.


  • Matěj Frouz, Gymnázium Stříbro
  • Adam Urban, Gymnázium Písnická, Praha
  • Kateřina Adámková, David Řehořka, Albert Ječmík, Gymnázium Nad Alejí, Praha
  • Hugo Chadima, Riverside School Prague; Petr Bouberle, Gymnázium Jaroslava Vrchlického Klatovy
Date and time

Monday, November 7, 2016



Centre for Cotemporary Art DOX

Poupětova 1

Prague 7

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In cooperation with
U.S. Embassy Prague and the Centre for Contemporary Art DOX
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