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The Changing Security Situation in the Maghreb

Daniel Novotný Daniel Novotný / Ed. 7. 3. 2016

Research paper analyzes the changing security situation in the Maghreb region in the context of the dynamics of the pro-democracy movements and processes of the social and political transformation. The Maghreb countries have largely failed to achieve "functional integration". This paper draws attention to the Western Sahara dispute between Algeria and Morocco as a long-term problem that has hampered any effort aimed at establishing economic and security cooperation between the two countries and contributed to the lack of integration in the Maghreb in general.


The Changing Security Situation in the Maghreb
Daniel Novotný, Alice Rezková, Abdessamad Belhaj, Marek Čejka Download
Arab Spring 33
Middle East and North Africa 93
international security 287
terrorism 23
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