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This debate is supported by the Czech-Polish Forum of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Monday, 8 November 2021, 18: 00-19: 30. The debate will be followed by a glass of wine.

Please register until 5 November 2021 at: https://bit.ly/AMOhistory


Recently, debates on historical memory have begun to return more and more to the political and social reality of Central Europe. Discussion on reflection XX. century, World War II and some other key moments in the history of the region were again on the daily foreign policy agenda. The Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia were surprised by this sudden rise in external interest in their past in a situation where all three societies have not yet fully come to terms with their past. Russia, on the other hand, as the main challenger to the region’s historical memory, has used the past twenty years to strengthen and relatively unify its own narrative. The discussion evening with experts from the Czech Republic, Poland and Russia will be focused on the exchange of experiences between the Czech Republic and Poland, which are currently going through disputes over historical memory with Russia.

The 90-minute discussion will address, inter alia, the following questions:
What are the experiences of the Czech Republic and Poland with regard to the pressure of the Russian regime
on the politicization of historical memory and history XX. century?
What is the Russian approach to understanding one’s own history?
How is it possible to cope with this pressure in a democratic society and what should we do about it?

Pavel Havlíček, Research Fellow, Association for International Affairs

Lukasz Adamski – Deputy Head of the Center for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding. Warsaw
Daniela Kolenovská Head of the Department of Russian and Eastern European Studies, Institute of
International Relations, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague
Sergei Medvěděv – Historian and Professor, Moscow Free University, Moscow

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Date and time

Monday, 8 November 2021, 18: 00-19:30.


Kampus Hybernská (Hybernská 998/4, Praha 1

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