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Join Czech-German Young Professionals Program (CGYPP) in 2019!

AMO AMO / Ed. 24. 1. 2019
Join Czech-German Young Professionals Program (CGYPP) in 2019!

Do you want to gain new perspectives and become a part of a vibrant Czech-German Network? Are you interested in cross-border and cross-sector cooperation? Are you a young professional with at least three years of working experience and good English skills? Apply for the Czech-German Young Professionals Program 2019!

During the program year you will be invited to three intense and high-quality units consisting of seminars, on-site visits and team-building activities (4 days each, in Berlin, Prague and other cities) and will become a part of a growing international network of committed and talented people from the Czech Republic and Germany.

Broaden your horizons and meet new inspiring people! Find out more about the network at our webpage and on our Facebook.

The deadline for applications is January 27, 2019. Find the application form here

The program is initiated and financed by the Czech-German Fund for the Future.

Please find here CGYPP 2019 call poster


What is CGYPP?

Established in 2008, a growing international network of committed and talented people from the Czech Republic and Germany (more than 100 in 2018).

What does CGYPP offer each year?

  • Three intense and high-quality units consisting of seminars, on-site visits, peer-learning and team-building activities (4 days each, in Berlin, Prague and other cities) + Alumni Meeting (2 days)
  • Interaction of participants with a broad range of German and Czech distinguished experts
  • Opportunity to develop one’s own project ideas
  • Improvement of intercultural, leadership, presentation and media skills
  • Stimulus for future professional career
  • Membership in a prestigious Alumni network

What is the CGYPP 2019 Topic?

Bridging the Gaps – The city vs. rural areas, the poor vs. the rich, locals vs. outsiders, elites vs. the ordinary, us vs. them. After decades in which our democratic societies seemed to smooth down their differences and bridge some of their gaps, we are facing a sudden rise of new conflicts. Are we witnessing the inevitable breakdown of the values and principles upon which our Western society was built? Is the reality indeed as bleak as it seems? Or does the current polarisation offer us a chance to forge a new way ahead? Are there ideas, concepts and initiatives fostering the coherence of our society under the new circumstances? Is there a possibility to provide space for public dialogue in today’s split society? Are there new opportunities for possible cooperation between state and private actors?

These and other topical questions will be addressed at the 10th year of the CGYPP. We want to engage in a creative, interactive and polemical discussion with a wide spectrum of political and economic leaders, prominent journalists and distinguished experts. We want to dig deeper into challenges and chances of today’s world and share our knowledge with the general public.

Where and when will CGYPP take place?

  1. Berlin, March 8-11, 2019 (Friday afternoon – Monday noon)
  2. Prague, June 12-16, 2019 (Wednesday evening – Sunday noon)
  3. Cross-border study trip, September 19-22, 2019 (Thursday afternoon – Sunday noon)

Who are the participants?

  • Czechs and Germans with open mindset in the age of 25-40 with varying professional backgrounds (from the fields of academia, business, media, politics, public administration and NGOs)
  • Selected 12-14 young professionals for one programme year become Alumni after full attendance of the three program units

Who can apply?

Young professionals with at least 3 years’ work experience from the Czech Republic and Germany with strong interest in cross-sector and cross-border cooperation, who speak fluent English.

How to apply?

Please send us by January 27, 2019:

  • Cover letter in English (2 pages max.)
  • CV (in tabular form)
  • and fill in the application form

What are the conditions?

In case of your acceptance, we charge a one-time participation fee of 150 EUR (50 EUR per unit). We cover your program arrangement, travel expenses, accommodation, and board. You are expected to attend all program component units in full.

Why is it worth it?

Watch here!

Who are the contact persons?

  • For Czech candidates: Zuzana Lizcová, Ph.D. zuzana.lizcova@amo.cz, Tel.: +420 604 324 328
  • For German candidates: Johanna Höhn, jh@eab-berlin.eu, Tel.: +49 (0)30 89 59 51 37

 Who are the organizers?

Czech Republic 610
Germany 81
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