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The Czech-German Young Professionals Program (CGYPP) and the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the Czech Republic cordially invite you to an online panel discussion.

European minds and hearts have been set upon two key matters in 2020: the reinvigorated climate agenda alongside the COVID-19 pandemic with its both immediate and lasting impacts on our economies and societies. Prominent public figures have repeatedly stated that resolving the public health crisis must go hand in hand with uncovering pathways out of the climate crisis. How do the Czech Republic and Bavaria, respectively, respond to this? Are they ready and willing to do what it takes to reduce emissions in line with the goal of achieving climate neutrality by mid-century, fully utilizing the European Green Deal? What new avenues for mutual cooperation are opening up? And how can different stakeholders such as governments, businesses, scientists, and NGOs work efficiently towards improving the resilience of our communities and institutions to both present and future crises?

We are please to welcome the following speakers:

Anna Kárníková, Director of Hnutí DUHA – Friends of the Earth Czech Republic
Miranda Schreurs, Chair of Energy and Environmental Policy, Hochschule für Politik München at the Technical University of Munich
Petr Kalaš, Chief Advisor of the Minister, Ministry of the Environment of the CR
Michael Horsch, CEO of HORSCH Maschinen GmbH

The discussion will be hosted by Tomáš Jungwirth, Head of Climate Team, Association for International Affairs.

For active participation, join us on GoToMeeting. In that case you must download the app, or access the link via Google Chrome. In case you just wish to watch the debate, you may do so on YouTube, or our Facebook page.

Date and time

Thursday September 24, 2020
17:00 – 18:30



Czech-German Young Professionals Program (CGYPP)
In cooperation with
Association for International Affairs (AMO)
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