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We cordially invite you to an open debate on the topic of Ukraine of Zelenskyi: Do We Know Where We Are Heading?

For the Ukrainian political scene, 2019 was a turbulent year. Presidential and parliamentary elections have brought rapid changes not only in terms of staffing of key decision-making institutions but also in the approach to the reform implementation in general. Rapid changes of legislation raise question marks over the quality and practical conduct, as well as the competence of the individual politicians.

The main question is how the reform efforts and goals set by the Revolution of Dignity of 2014 will continue. Does the new political elite mean support or disruption of these processes? How realistic are the reform plans of the new government? President Zelenskyi and his political party Servant of the People still enjoy strong public trust and support. How substantial role do PR and media play in this regard? What is the role of the civil society and media in the decision-making of the new government and perception of the general public of its results? These questions gain importance as understanding current situation on Ukrainian political sphere is the key point for foreign partners, friends and supporters of Ukraine abroad.


  • Olena Halushka, Head of International Relations and Board Member, Anticorruption Action Centre, Ukraine
  • Maksym Panchenko, Analyst and journalist at UkraineWorld and Internews Ukraine
  • David Stulik, Former Press Officer, Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine

The debate will be moderated by Pavel Havlíček, Association for International Affairs

The debate will be held in English, translation will not provided. In case of interest, please, register here.

This event is supported by the Transition Promotion Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. Our media partner is Euractive.cz

Date and time

Thursday December 12, 2019


namesti Jana Palacha 110 00
room 325

Association for International Affairs (AMO), StopFake
In cooperation with
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Euractive.cz
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