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Association for International Affairs

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We would like to thank cordially for the support to all our partners and donors without whom our work would not have been possible over the past 21 years.

At present, we are fortunate that our activities are largely funded by contributions from the state budget, from international organizations, or from foreign foundations. However, it is a project-based financing, which can be, inter alia, discuntinued from one year to the next. We are aware of the risks of this model, and we would therefore like to invite those of you who like us to consider supporting our organization also financially. We would greatly appreciate financial donations of any amount! A written confirmation from us thanks to which you could deduct your donation from taxes, is a matter of course.

Our bank accounts at Fio banka are:

123139774/2010 (CZK)

123139782/2010 (EUR)


Vít Dostál

Executive Director of AMO
office: +420 224 813 460
cell: +420 603 104 687
vit. dostal@amo.cz

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