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AMO organised a networking event for women engaging in foreign and European policy

AMO AMO / Ed. 5. 3. 2021
AMO organised a networking event for women engaging in foreign and European policy
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Association for International Affairs (AMO), in cooperation with the Czech branch of Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung, organised a networking event for women in Czech Foreign and European Policy.

The goal of the event was to connect women from public service, politics, diplomacy, international organisations, media, academic and scientific institutions, and nongovernmental sectors, support their participation in decision-making about international affairs, and discuss current European and international topics.

During the opening round-table discussion, which aimed to answer questions, such as What kind of Czech European politics do we want to establish and how to lead a social dialogue about it?, appeared Irena Moozová from the European Commission and Olga Sehnalová, Member of the European Parliament. The main guest of the debate was a Vice President of the network Women in International Security Germany Anna Kuchenbecker, who spoke mainly about the importance of the participation of women in foreign and security policy.



Czech European policy 124
Czech Republic 546
Czech foreign policy 202
Czech security policy 58
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