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Association for International Affairs

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Association for International Affairs, The Brussels Binder and Women on Air would like to sincerely invite you to an online debate on the topic of Women in Media. Diversity in public space is crucial. That includes professional debates, as well as the media. The unequal representation of women and men has severe negative implications. That is why AMO built a public database of female professionals. It allows journalists easy access to female experts for their articles and interviews, or include more women into the process of creation of media content.






The continuous discussion about gender equality in politics, decision making positions, institutions, science etc. becomes much louder nowadays. The lack of women in any of these areas limits society’s ability to actions, problem solving and the overall socio-cultural environment. The public space and the public discussion should reflect women’s and men’s representation, and the media has a central role therein. Therefore, gender equality should be implemented into the editorial agenda as an element of a good practice.
The discussion wants to touch upon topics of the progress of women appearing in the media and giving women their ‘voice’. Yet more importantly, the discussion should reflect on the reality of including more women into media, and bring answers as to why it is mutually beneficial for both society and media to include the gender based approach into broadcast, reporting, news making and the overall journalism.

Timea Crofony, Researcher at Center for Gender and Science at the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Vojtěch Boháč, Reporter and Editor-in-Chief at Voxpot
Noel O’ Reilly, Director of Women on Air

Eva Oliva, Project coordinator at Association for International Affairs
The event will be held in English without Czech translation.




Date and time

28/6/2021 at 6pm













In cooperation with
The Brussels Binder: More Women in European Debates
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