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Will Brexit hurt investments in CEE countries?

Kryštof Kruliš Kryštof Kruliš / Ed. 21. 7. 2016

The United Kingdom represents one of the most important source countries for foreign direct investments inflows into Central and Eastern Europe. Besides, Britain plays an important role of a gateway for FDIs flows between continental Europe and third countries.

What is the so-called Anglophone discourse on the FDIs flow which can be spotted in the debate on the British EU membership? What is the difference between FDIs and trade exchange? And how could British departure from the EU influence the existing structure of the investment chain?

The role of British companies in the transfer of FDIs in the CEE region is examined by Kryštof Kruliš in his policy paper.

The publication of the analysis was kindly supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.


Will Brexit hurt investments in CEE countries?
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