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V4 Energy Think Tank Platform

With the aim of strengthening cooperation among the think tanks of the Visegrad countries in the field of energy, as well as promoting dialogue between the academic sector and decision-makers in this area, the V4 Energy Think Tank Platform (V4ETTP) was launched in 2018 as a permanent think tank cooperation platform focusing on energy.

The cooperation was initialized by the Foundation for Regional Policy Co-operation in Energy and Infrastructure (REKK, HU) who is the coordinator of the platform, along with Slovak Foreign Policy Association (SFPA, SK), the Jagiellonian Institute (PL) and AMO (CZ) as partners. The project is supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

V4ETTP is a platform – permanent network – of think tanks facilitating energy-related and policy-oriented research and analysis with a regional focus, building on its member institutions’ expertise in energy studies. V4ETTP aims at engaging in structured cooperation with the V4 governments’ representatives covering energy, energy diplomacy and climate and, for sake of the openness to the Central European region, also whenever justified and agreed by the members, involving representatives from third countries represented on think-tanks´ and governments´ levels.

As a pilot project, the platform implemented its initial research project “Beyond Gas – Energy Security Issues in the V4 after 2020” in 2018 whose aim was to identify and prioritize the most important issues the region will face in the field of energy security beyond 2020.

During its first year, V4ETTP focused on the current situation on the electricity and gas markets in the EU and the future development in Central European markets. The second year was mostly concerned with the changes happening in the field of electricity production and consumption and the growing need for flexibility in the electricity system.

In 2020, V4ETTP mainly focuses on the topic of green recovery and transition and both challenges and opportunities that the need for decarbonisation brings to the Central European economies. This topic is very important also in connection with the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.


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