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Reaching an economy with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 is high priority on the policy agendas. The EU Member States are preparing their 2050 Decarbonisation Plans which lay out the sectoral targets and the measures, which might ensure the successful completion of the full decarbonisation.

The transition to a climate-neutral society includes several challenges, however. The papers prepared by the V4 Energy Think Tank Platform discuss three key aspects of the realization of the 2050 decarbonisation in the Visegrad region:

  • 2050 decarbonisation goals in the V4 countries (analysis of the national long-term strategies)
  • The role of Power-To-Gas in the V4 region: Electricity and gas sector coupling as an enabler of energy storage,
  • Coal phase-out in the V4 countries

At the online event we present the main findings of the studies, followed by a panel discussion, where the participants will reflect on the presentations and discuss the pathways of the 2050 decarbonisation.

The speakers are:

  • Adéla Denková, Research Fellow, AMO Research Center & Chairwoman of AMO Supervisory Board (CZ)
  • Ágnes Törőcsik, Senior Research Associate, REKK (HU)
  • Matus Misik, Associate Research Fellow, Slovak Foreign Policy Association (SK)


  • Ivo Schmidt, Policy Officer, European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy
  • Tomáš Smejkal, Head of Strategy Unit, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech Republic
  • Anna Madyniak, Senior Expert, Ministry of Energy, Poland (to be confirmed)

Participation at the event is free, but is based on registration.


Date and time

18/03 at 3pm





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