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Migration of Ukrainian Students to the Czech Republic: human capital perspectives

Yana Leontiyeva / Ed. 24. 10. 2018

Recent developments suggest that the Czech Republic is gradually becoming a very attractive destination for foreign students, especially for Slovaks and students from Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Student migration around the world has been addressed and described by many academics, politicians, and by both governmental and non-governmental organizations. Though in the Czech context, despite the increasing number of international students, this type of migration hasn’t received the deserved attention from scholars yet.

Research paper by Yana Leontiyeva and Liudmila Kopecká aims not only to describe the legal and institutional settings in the Czech Republic related to student migration in general but most importantly to explore the main characteristics and the strategies of Ukrainian students.

The project has been funded by the International Visegrad Fund and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of The Netherlands. The project is coordinated by the Polish Institute of Public Affairs (IPA).



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