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Apply for a Presidential Debate Simulation and put yourself in the shoes of Clinton and Trump

AMO AMO / Ed. 3. 9. 2016

Are you interested in American politics? Do you follow US presidential elections? Do you want to improve your debating skills? Do you enjoy discussions?

Until October 10, 2016, you can apply for a 2016 US presidential debate simulation and try what it is like to defend positions of GOP or Democratic candidates.

Application is open to high school students and can be done by filling up this form.

Students can apply as individuals or teams of maximum 3 members.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Each debate simulation will be organized as an open-to-public contest and is to be divided into three blocs:

(1) Foreign Policy and National Security (25 minutes) – ISIL, Russia and Ukraine, NATO, Iran, North Korea, Military Reduction, Terrorism

(2) Economy, Taxes, Fiscal Issues (25 minutes) – Taxation, Deficit Reduction, State of the Economy, Middle Class Stagnation, Role of the FED, Wall Street & Bank Regulation, Economic Growth

(3) Domestic and Social Issues (25 minutes) – Gender Gap, Health Reform, Education Reform, Separation of Church and State, Campaign Finance, Abortions, Same-Sex Marriage, Guns Control, Legalization of Marihuana

Two teams representing Democrats and two teams representing GOP are going to encounter in each debate. Each team is going to be represented by one member in each block. Debaters do not have to defend positions of particular candidates, their task is to focus on opinion spectrum of given political party.

Discussion with members of expert jury on election campaign and upcoming US presidential election is going to be part of both events, which take place on October 24, 2016, in Brno and November 7, 2016, in Prague.

More information is available at this link.

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