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The countries of the Visegrad group and illegal migration

Luboš Veselý / Ed. 13. 1. 2016

Research paper focuses on the migration to the Visegrad group. V4 have for centuries belonged to those regions, from which, for many different reasons, a considerable number of people had been leaving for countries commonly identified as “The West.” During the past fifteen years the situation has changed and the V4 countries have gradually become and are yet becoming destinations for new international migration flows.

On the other hand, the leaving of their own citizens for the “old” EU member states still continues to a great extent. The Visegrad region is a destination for short-term labour migration (both legal and illegal) and also of transit migration heading further to the western Europe. The V4 countries attract mainly citizens from neighbouring former Soviet Union states and south-eastern Europe, yet also from the more distant Asian countries.

Czech Republic 610
Europe 667
Poland 248
Visegrad Group 260
migration 58
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