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Putin’s Tentacle in the Czech Energy Sector: Are We Still Dependent on Russia After Two Yars of War?

Tomáš Jungwirth Březovský Tomáš Jungwirth Březovský / Ed. 27. 6. 2024
Putin's Tentacle in the Czech Energy Sector: Are We Still Dependent on Russia After Two Yars of War?

Right after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, it was evident that the energy sector in the Czech Republic and other Eastern European countries was headed for significant challenges. Two years later, plans to become independent from Russian energy supplies are finally taking shape. However, the journey toward this independence is anything but straightforward. Many strategies intended to reduce Russian influence have paradoxically deepened it.

Just last week, as Ukraine endured further destructive attacks on its crucial energy infrastructure, the Czech state-owned company Mero reported a year-on-year increase in Russian oil imports to 58 percent. This is particularly concerning given the current circumstances. What are the next steps, and how can we navigate this situation? Read Tomas Jungwirth Březovský’s commentary in Hospodářské noviny.

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Original source: Putinovo chapadlo v české energetice: Jsme i po dvou letech války stále závislí na Rusku?

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