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Elections Are Not the Russian Ritual. Let’s Stop Calling it That

Pavel Havlíček Pavel Havlíček / Ed. 27. 6. 2024
Elections Are Not the Russian Ritual. Let's Stop Calling it That

In one month, the Russian Federation is set to conduct what is ostensibly another presidential election, a process often seen as a mere formality to legitimize Vladimir Putin's regime. For years, these elections have lacked genuine competition or a choice among multiple candidates. Instead, the "selection" is effectively decided well in advance by the Kremlin, with no real voice given to the Russian people.

There are at least three compelling reasons why the West should scrutinize whether to recognize the results of this event, dubbed the ‘Russian election.’ Discover these reasons in Pavel Havlíček’s commentary for Seznam Zprávy.

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Original source: Ruský rituál nejsou volby. Přestaňme mu tak říkat

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