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Strengthening the Public Scrutiny in Ukrainian Regions

The aim of the project is to contribute to an objective and independent informing of the Ukrainian public by struggle against disinformation.

Initially, the Czech NGO Demagog.cz trained a group of Ukrainian trainers who work with Stopfake.org and Factcheck.ua. Those trainers are conducting seminars for teachers, students, journalists and local activists in the Ukrainian regions. Their goal is to use factchecking as a means of combating Russian propaganda and strengthening public scrutiny. The most active participants of the seminars meet each year at annual conference in Kiev where they share lessons learned and experiences.

The CheckRegion website publishes contributions from regional authors that participated in the training program.

The project includes launching of the Czech version of a web portal Stopfake.org that has been operating since autumn 2016. Public debates and seminars on Russian propaganda are regularly held in the Czech Republic with the participation of Ukrainian experts.

The project has been supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic in the framework of the Transition Promotion Program and by the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine in the framework of the Emerging Donors Challenge Fund.

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