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Check out photos from our conference focused on the sharing economy

AMO AMO / Ed. 23. 3. 2016
Check out photos from our conference focused on the sharing economy
photo AMO Andrea Lauren (Fundlift), Kryštof Kruliš (AMO) a Zoltan Fekete (Uber)

AMO with a support of the International Visegrad Fund organized international conference on deepening of the internal market in the V4 region and sharing economy concept in the Central Europe. The event took place on Friday, March 18, 2016.

Policy Paper V4 and the Internal Market: Benelux of the 21st Century?


AMO presented the findings of a year-long project Smooth Functioning of the Internal Market between V4 Countries providing various stakeholders’ views on current challenges to the single market of the V4, which were discussed by director of the Department of European Affairs and Internal Market, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic Jan Havlík.

Second panel of the conference gathered representatives of the sharing economy platforms (Uber, PickPack, Fundlift and yuVe) who were discussing the future of this concept in the Central Europe.

Conference programme


Find the photogallery form the conference under this link.

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