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AMO to launch a new project about digital economy in the V4

AMO AMO / Ed. 13. 10. 2017
AMO to launch a new project about digital economy in the V4
photo AMO

The economic convergence of V4 countries to the EU average (per capita GDP and by added value) is a long term endeavour, which will still take decades to come. During those future decades the economic and social environment will be strongly influenced by new technologies, including Automatization, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Industry 4.0 and various new ways of using internet in everyday life and for economic transactions. Strategies that bring growth nowadays, may not be useful in a near future. In our quickly changing world it is therefore necessary to adopt strategies convenient for the future, not just to the present situation. Digital New Deal for our region is needed.

The main objective of our project is to start a broad expert discussion on what are the best ways forward for V4 countries with the ongoing digital revolution. For this purpose the project will provide publication gathering knowledge from the most relevant stakeholders in V4 region for the digital agenda and suggest policy recommendations reflecting regional specificities thus starting debate already during the interviews.

The project includes opening conference in Prague, several expert roundtables in Visegrad cities and publication and presentation of the final paper.

The Digital New Deal project has been kindly supported by the International Visegrad Fund and is implemented in cooperation with the Free Market Foundation (Hungary), Industrial Foundation (Poland) and F. A. Hayek Foundation (Slovakia). It freely follows the project entitled Smooth Functioning of the Internal Market between V4 Countries implemented by AMO and supported by the International Visegrad Fund and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in 2014-2016.

Czech Republic 489
Europe 539
Germany 74
Hungary 46
Poland 188
Slovakia 62
Visegrad Group 203
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