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The 22nd season of the Prague Student Summit begins!

AMO AMO / Ed. 6. 10. 2016
The 22nd season of the Prague Student Summit begins!

The admission procedure of the biggest educational project of its kind in the Central Europe begins as early as 1st September. The 22nd season of a year-long programme focused on global topics and current affairs will start in November 2016. All high school and university students in the Czech Republic have a chance to succeed and make a step towards their future.

Prestigious educational project, organized by the Czech nongovernmental Association for International Affairs (AMO), takes on new participants among the high school and university students until Friday, September 30, or until Friday, October 14. The admission of applicants to all three models is based on the evaluation of their entrance essays on the assigned topic.



During the year-long educational programme, participants take part in five preparatory meetings, which widen their horizons and prepare them for the Final conference. The Final conference takes place in spring 2017 during which participants will benefit from the knowledge and skills they gained during the preparatory meetings as they will take on the roles of diplomats and ambassadors. Consequently, they will be able to use the gained experience throughout their whole lives.

zeroth issue of the Chronicle newspaper (Czech only)


More than 320 students all over the Czech Republic annually take part in the project. The main educational method is a simulation of negotiations of the international organizations – the UN, NATO and for university students the EU. The project ignites in students an interest in current problems, which affect both the national and the international relations, and encourages them to actively participate in solving the problems. The Prague Student Summit also deepens young people’s knowledge of politics, international relations, diplomacy, economics, human rights, culture or environment.

You can read about the importance of the extracurricular education in the present day in an interview with Minister of Education Kateřina Valachová, which was published in the zeroth issue of the project’s newspaper Chronicle, or in an informational magazine of the SCIO, in which I personally talked about the informal education. Don’t worry and step out of your comfort zone, the effort will pay itself back many times more.

Eva Prudilová

The purpose of the project is to support participants in their independent and responsible approach to their further education, active involvement in the society, while it develops their personality and character as well. To teach young people tolerance, mutual understanding, critical thinking and that the world is not black-and-white, is becoming even more important nowadays. The goal of the project is to help to shape an expertly prepared, civically active, confident whilst modest, attentive young person with an interest in the surrounding world, who is able to think autonomously, speak publically, reason factually and react quickly. That person is certainly a good student as well.

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