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Students focused on self-improvement and self-realisation

AMO AMO / Ed. 12. 3. 2017
Students focused on self-improvement and self-realisation
photo AMO

The third preparatory meeting of the XXII Prague Student Summit took place on Saturday at the University of Economics and was focused on self-improvement and self-realisation. The aim was different from the previous preparatory meetings, which were dedicated to gaining hard knowledge.

This meeting was opened with a speech by the Chief Coordinator of the project Eva Prudilová. She introduced the delegates into the topic of the meeting. Next up was the Programme Coordinator Daniela Chvátalová who spoke about organisational information and the upcoming events, for instance, the educational trip to Berlin in April or diplomatic mini-simulation of the Continental Congress of 1776, where the United States of America were born.

A very substantial part of the morning programme of this meeting were plenary speeches delivered by twelve brave delegates, who stepped before more than 200 people to introduce their position towards the Syrian conflict. Their speeches were thoroughly monitored by a team of evaluators, which will provide the speakers with a quality feedback at the next preparatory meeting. The importance of the plenary speeches was explained by the Deputy of Chief Coordinator Filip Jelínek.

Next on the programme were seminars of several guests which focused on a variety of topics. The delegates could visit the seminar on the topic of “the work in media”, led by Jindřich Šídlo, a journalist known mainly for his work at Hospodářské noviny. This is how he sees himself: “I used to be a journalist, nowadays it’s called the content creator.”

Another seminary was centred on the work of the Doctors Without Borders, about which the director of the Czech branch Pavel Gruber came to speak. During the seminary, the delegates got on terms with the functioning of the whole humanitarian non-profit organization and the specific steps taken in areas where the Doctors Without Borders are needed. A Part of the seminary was a so-called case-study, a simulation of a real case, where the delegates had to figure out themselves how to organize a Doctors Without Borders mission in Burundi.

Among other guests, there was, for example, Kim Cowan, counsellor of the Political, Economic and Public Diplomacy department of the Canadian Embassy in Prague. She led the seminary about multiculturalism in the context of Canadian foreign policy. She complimented the students for being “very bright, informed and capable of immediate reactions.” She was also surprised by their “level of knowledge”. The rest of the speakers included also Edita Kleckerová from SCIO, who talked about the National Comparative Exams, or Ondřej Wágner, junior diplomat of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The afternoon was dedicated to the programme of the respective models and organizations, which concentrated mainly on diplomatic negotiation, thus all the delegates finally had their hands on dealing with a variety of topics – environmental migration, behavioural economics or international humanitarian law.

The third preparatory meeting was also accompanied by two more events which took place on Friday. One of them was a visit to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, where the delegates were lectured about the tasks of this institution. They could also visit some representational spaces, which the Ministry is using. The second event was a workshop on the topic of the Tyranny of Media, which took place at the Metropolitan University Prague and where the delegates could learn how to work with a reading machine in a television studio and quite a bit of other things as well.

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