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Take part in simulation of the OSCE!

AMO AMO / Ed. 30. 11. 2016
Take part in simulation of the OSCE!

The Model OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) is a week-long MUN-type project taking place within the Prague Student Summit in the capital city of Prague. Dozens of students will be given the unique opportunity to discuss the challenges addressed by a simulation of the OSCE Permanent Council. As part of the Model OSCE, the students represent different OSCE participating states and institutions in a simulation of the OSCE Permanent Council.

The participants will have the opportunity to acquire and develop various skills in diplomacy and negotiation, public speaking, communication, problem resolution of international issues, and critical thinking. They will improve their team-work and leadership abilities and meet other young people from various different European countries. The conference is a good opportunity for participants to test their newly acquired skills and get a better understanding of the OSCE’s main decision making body. The application process for the Model OSCE will bagin in January 2017.

This season of Model OSCE builds on the great success of its predecessors and we deeply believe that this session will be at least as great as the previous simulation of V4+. We hope to see fruitful negotiations and excellent performances resulting in outstanding outcomes.

Martin Hammerbauer, coordinator of Model OSCE

We also truly appreciate the kind support of all of our partners and great enthusiasm of organizing team and participants themselves!

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