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Model V4+ has started!

AMO AMO / Ed. 30. 3. 2016
Model V4+ has started!

As last year, a couple of days before the Opening Ceremony of Prague Student Summit’s Final Conference, the Model Visegrad Group + has started. University students from the countries of Visegrád, together with their fellows from Germany and Austria will take part in it.

In the afternoon of 29 March, another season of the Prague Student Summit’s Model V4+ began, with students from the Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia participating. They were selected according to their essay, which dealt with the topic of “The Role of Central European Cooperation in the Face of Present Challenges”, and according to a letter of motivation. All of that in English, as the entire programme of the Model will be held it as well.

After Tuesday’s arrival, the basic introductory activities took place, both among the participants and with the members of the preparatory team. The participants actively took part already on the first day, because each national group presented their country to the others a little bit more in detail.

V4+ Model Programme


In the coming days, the participants will be mainly preparing themselves for the upcoming negotiations. The programme of the Model V4+ will thus consist especially of lectures, discussion and activities developing the participants’ argumentative and negotiating skills. They will deal primarily with the topics of digital agenda, energy security and security cooperation of the Visegrad group’s members. Apart from that, they will undergo extraordinary side events. First, they will be guided through the streets of Prague by a homeless person from the social project Pragulic and then they will visit the Museum of Communism.

On Friday, the programme of Model V4+ participants will merge with that of all the other students, as they will take attend the Opening Ceremony of the Conference and the intense three-day negotiations at the Prague Congress Centre will begin on the day after.

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