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Masaryk’s debate about the euro? Fighting on the knife-edge!

AMO AMO / Ed. 26. 2. 2016
Masaryk's debate about the euro? Fighting on the knife-edge!

On Saturday 13th February, the IV Workshop of the Prague Student Summit took place at the University of Economics. The main topic of the morning program was the question of adopting the common European currency in the Czech Republic. Speakers in the debate were supposed to persuade as many participants as possible about their point of view on the matter.

Nowadays, who would advocate the adoption of the euro?

At the beginning of the debate, supporter of the Czech crown Jan Skopecek wondered who would still be able to defend the euro today. Majority of students agreed with his opinion, therefore Radek Spicar was put in a difficult situation. According to him, there is a clear view of the euro; you are either at the table or on the table. Thus, it is necessary to participate in decision-making on the common currency and have the opportunity to influence its development.

All’s well that ends well

After nearly two hours of argumentation, participants could again express their own opinion. A majority of them were persuaded by arguments by Radek Spicar, vice president of the Confederation of Industry and Transport, for adopting the common European currency. After the end of the debate, he commented on his participation in the Prague Student Summit:

I am excited. About the fact that there are so many young people on Saturday morning, about that the project works after twenty years, as well as about the inquiries and the participants, and I cannot confess that even about the conviction of the audience. It is nice for me to find out that after explaining arguments it is possible to persuade an Eurosceptic audience.”

Radek Spicar

After the conclusion of the debate we can find perhaps the only consensus between speakers. The second speaker, Jan Skopecek, a member of the ODS executive council commented in a similar vein: “I am very happy that I could spend a Saturday morning with a large group of young people who are able to discuss at a fairly sophisticated level such matters as the adoption of a common currency. It is good that young people meet and deal with serious issues.

Afterwards, participants went to the seminars about the European Union, which were followed by the afternoon program in the organ parts.

Photos from IV. workshop will be soon available at our Flicker.

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