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Chronicle newspapers

AMO AMO / Ed. 8. 3. 2016
Chronicle  newspapers

Chronicle – newspapers of the Prague Student Summit

The official newspapers of the Prague Student Summit, Chronicle, are inherently connected to the project from the time of its creation. The first edition of every season is always published with the initiation of the admissions. The newspapers are afterwards available at every preparatory meeting as well as during the conference of the Prague Student Summit. It is also possible to download an electronic version of Chronicle on the websites of the project.

Chronicle does not provide the participants only with the detailed coverage of the activities of every body and model, organizational information and information about side events, but also interviews with significant personas. The news also gives insight to politics, law, economy and current issues in the field of international relations.

However, Chronicle news is not written only by the editorial staff. The initiative of delegates is more than welcome – the participants of the project can use Chronicle to publish their own articles and thus, maybe even for the first time in their lives, can experience what the journalist work is all about. If you have any interesting idea, experience with remarkable events or opinion to some recent topics, which you would like to share with us and other participants, do not hesitate to contact us on chronicle@amo.cz. It is enough to have just a rough idea of the topic you would like to write about.


What has Chronicle prepared for you this year?


  • Interviews with leading Czech political scientists, politicians, journalists and other experts from various fields.
  • Points of view thanks to which you can regularly familiarize yourself with opinions of other participants on current domestic and global issues.
  • Section “Recommended” in which you can find reviews on book and movie novelties from the area of social sciences.
  • Professional sections that will introduce you interesting topics from the world of economy and law.
  • Articles written by delegates.
  • And many other things!


Issues of the XXI. season of Chronicle to be found below:


Archive of older issues can be found here.


The partner of Chronicle news is Metropolitan University Prague. This university was opened in 2001. Since than, 9000 students have graduated from bachelor, master and doctoral programmes in Prague, Pilsen, Liberec and Hradec Králové. Over the last few years the Metropolitan University has been admitting around 2000 students annually to the first year of studies, which makes it one of the fastest growing private schools in Czech Republic. This university currently provides the education to 6000 students and offers programmes that are taught both in Czech and English.



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