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After seven months full of debating global issues and meetings with distinguished guests, the sixteenth year of the Prague Student Summit, one of major Czech educational projects, has come to an end. Once again, hundreds of high school and university students got the opportunity to take the first step into the world of international relations

The preparatory phase of the Summit began in autumn 2010. Four hundred high school and university students were meeting regularly once in a month to participate in lectures, debates and simulations. Not only were they improving their communication and analytical skills, they were also focusing on striking global issues. Among the guests were Vladimir Spidla, former EU Commissioner, Vera Jerabkova, Director of the Diplomatic Academy of the Czech Republic and Simon Panek, Director of the People in Need.

The project culminated with the Final Conference on 11-14 March 2011. Among others, Mirek Topolanek, former Czech Prime Minister, and Norman Eisen, US Ambassador, gave speeches at the Opening Ceremony of the Conference. In the following days, the young participants were simulating negotiations of UN, NATO and EU.

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