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Participative European Citizenship

Vít Nejedlo / Ed. 6. 1. 2016
Participative European Citizenship

Even though the Czech Republic still belongs to “the newer” EU member states, much has been said and written about the EU in the Czech environment. The early cheers over the so-called Return to Europe have been traded for pragmatic evaluation of the pros provided by the membership and the corresponding obligations. However the dreams of joining the exclusive club where roasted pigeons fly straight into the mouth had proved equally unfounded as the fears of dissolving in the European coffee like a sugar cube. The Czech Republic has matured into a sound member of the EU who is capable of holding constructive dialogue on both European presence and future. A new Czech “Europeanism” has evolved along. This composite book is published in time when the Czech Republic is not a newcomer in the Union and it is up to her to pass its experience to other recently admitted nations or to those aspiring for EU membership.

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Participative European Citizenship
Vít Nejedlo, Jakub Kulhánek, Ondřej Picka, Lukáš Soukup Download
Europe 601
European Union 347
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