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Newsletter Evropského programu 12/2008

Ivana Jemelková / Ed. 6. 1. 2016

Association for International Affairs publishes its regular newsletter analysing European issues from the Czech perspective. This time, the authors from the European Program of the Association analyze e.g. the results of the December EU summit, provisions regarding effects of the financial crisis in the car industry or the role of Czech president in the framework of the upcoming Czech Presidency. Next issue of the newsletter will be published in January 2009.


Newsletter Evropského programu 12/2008
Ivana Jemelková, Jan Husák, Jan Potucký, Katarína Kobylinski, Marián Zachar, Petr Hajný, Sylvie Milerová, Václav Bacovský Download
Europe 607
European Union 353
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